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The unique Nomad multi-fit feature

Every Nomad snare drum case has an extra deep lid to accommodate snare drums of different depths, which means you can buy a deeper snare drum but you won't have to purchase a new snare case.

The N14S will accommodate snare drums with a maximum depth of 8".

The N14SK can accommodate your snare drum, drum sticks and snare stand. Perfect for taking your snare kit to school.

Nomad Snare Drum Cases


12" piccolo snare drum case



13" piccolo snare drum case



14" piccolo snare drum case



14" multi-fit snare drum case



14" square snare drum case



14" Nomad snare kit case


Prices updated January 1/2022

All prices are U.S. list

Nomad Drum Cases... an affordable way to protect your snare drums

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