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Nomad Bongo cases are designed to fit standard size LP and Meinl professional bongos. The inside measurements are 18¾"L X 10¼"W X 8½"D.

Nomad Bongo Case


Nomad Bongo Case



Nomad Conga Cases offer you the opportunity to protect your conga drum without damaging your bank account.

Nomad has simplified the ordering of conga cases as unfortunately, there is no international standard of conga drum sizing.

All Nomad Conga cases measure 30" in height with the diameter being the model-number size of the case. To determine the size of the conga case you need you must measure your conga drum at its widest point as this will determine the diameter of case you need.

Nomad Conga Cases


14" conga case



15" conga case



16" conga case



17" conga case



18" conga case



19" conga case


Prices updated April 1/2015

All prices are U.S. list

Nomad Drum Cases... an affordable way to protect your Bongo and Conga drums

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